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Thread: Need help asap!!!!

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    Need help asap!!!!

    Hello, I am in serious need of advise on what to do with one of my dogs. I have 4 dogs 2 fixed male pitties, and 2 fixed female mutts. My youngest pit boy (2 yrs) is having possive problems toward my other dogs. When he is sitting next to one of the family members and one of the other dogs wander over he growls and bears his teeth at them. Tonight things got worse when he and our other male got into a fight. We got them seperated, put a muzzle on the younger one and sent him to his crate for time out. I really need some tips or training suggestions on how to stop this behaviour. I love my boys so much and need to know what we as a family can do to either stop this or stop it from happeneing so often. Thank you so much!

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    Has he had any obedience training? This possessiveness is something that can get worse if ignored. What kind of training has he had? What commands does he know?
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    I also suggest you take him to some obedience training classes, and soon, now that this has started.

    Unfortunately, once they fight, they are MORE prone to another fight.

    Start by keeping them separated but in view of one another.

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    This can turn into a very serious and dangerous problem, you need a trainer come over to the house to show you how to deal with it. Going to classes won't mimic the kind of conditions in the house which prompts the dog to act that way.

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    I would like to advice you to please take your dog to a dog-training school. It will help your dog to change the behavior.
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    emc is right, you need someone to see the dynamic in the house, not at a training class. And you need to be realistic about how many dogs, what type of dog, and the individual personalities that you can manage.

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