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Thread: Laugh when this happens!

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    Laugh when this happens!

    A few times each winter, it 'seems' as though it ONLY snowed on the streets, driveways and sidewalks! So funny!

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    I noticed that around here with the last dusting of snow we had. I always think the dogs must feel cheated that day. It's a good
    reminder of the fact the earth is a living thing & retains heat.
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    Green grass and bare walks We won't see green grass till June out here, unless it decides to snow till mid June. Felt good looking at the pictures, makes me hopeful that someday I'll be seeing the same around here if the snow we already have ( above the knee) decides to ever melt ------thanks for sharing.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----


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