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Forgive me if you've already covered this, but why are you waiting to have Milo neutered? Seems like that would be a big help in changing his behavior.
Its a long waiting list to get him in. 3 months is actually really fast compared to what the waiting list use to be when the program started up a few years ago.

For a male dog its $75 to get fixed
Chip is $20 (he is getting this done)
3 shots are $15 each (he doesn't need this)
Minor health repairs are about $10-20 each if I recall (he doesn't need this)

I want to support this program, & my vet refuses to take my money for her to fix him herself.

Not to mention we were not looking nor wanting a 3rd dog. Esp a dog that has bitten a child, its not an easy thing to deal/cope with. But he has so much good potential, and we are suckers

Since Milo has arrived, I have spent nearly $200 on things he needs (most of it going towards his aggression issues). He still needs a seatbelt, proper winter footwear, and a warmer winter coat. I also need to get a new water dish that attaches to the big metal kennel (lost the attachment when we moved into the house, blah), and he'll need a life vest for water activity this summer. I'm sure I'm missing things that he'll need to be able to adjust to our life style.

Then there is also the extra mouth to feed. They all eat raw, which is not cheap.

My plans to get a microwave are now gone lol