I demanded Milo (formerly Jack) to be handed over to me. I have been trying to convince my co-worker to rehome him, ONLY because they are horrible horrible HORRIBLE owners. They had 2 and I convinced them to rehome that one a year ago. So its been a long year trying to get this dog away from her.

Sadly it took Milo attacking a 10yr old for it to happen. Its 100% the adults fault as they allowed that child to tease, taunt, and hurt Milo over the years, & he finally snapped.

Milo is under quarantine at my place (the Health Department was over yesterday am) per the law. He isn't allowed to leave my property until they return on the 24th to see him again.

The first few hours with him was pure hell. He wouldn't let me open the kennel, and he barked & growled non-stop. When he finally let me open the door, I popped a muzzle on him & its been peaceful since.

Hes calm, quiet (except when its potty time), and is learning that hes not the boss, and his aggression is unacceptable. He gets along well with Digi & Charlie, but poor Cam(cat) hates him (she'll warm up in about 2 weeks).

I bought him a 2nd muzzle that is larger and much more comfortable (soft) for when we are at home. He has to keep the firm one on while we are at work, as its impossible for him to get that one off. I just cannot risk the health of the other 3 over his comfort while at work. At least if I'm home, I can intervene if he gets the softer one off & tries anything.

Hes been getting better everyday, and is improving so much. He has never been quiet in his whole life & has never been relaxed. Even though he is muzzled, he seems content. He lays by my feet, jumps up asking for a pat (which is a huge deal as petting him use to result in being nipped or snarled at), is eating (I switched him to raw), and wants to play. He has had 0 accidents in the house, so we took his diaper off last night.

Left to right: Digi (6yr old F English Shepherd), Charlie (3yr old M Poodle/JRT), and Milo (3-4yr old M pure JRT) wearing the soft muzzle.

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