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Thread: Fisters' Journey - The 7 territories

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    Fisters' Journey - The 7 territories

    When Fister first began to spend quality time with us, he was very rarely relaxed, and it was some time before he found himself a bit of territory he dared to sit and relax in.

    The very first spot. ďIíve got my eye on you!Ē

    His first favourite place became the end of the long corridor running through our flat. I wondered for a long time why he chose such an uncomfortable position instead of the soft rug close by in the next room, then one day it clicked. It was the only place in the whole flat where he could see all movements at all times. It was impossible to enter the flat or move from any one room to another without him seeing it! All traffic could be monitored from that one position. Cats rarely do anything without there being a good reason. Shortly after that he plucked up courage and began to lie under our telephone table, so when we were given a little cat bed, we put that there and he accepted it immediately.

    So itís a bit small - but thatís no problem!

    The next step was an important one, and we should have realised at that time that he was beginning his conquest of all areas of our home. He decided that our old arm chair was a suitable place to relax, and it became his main area, he even began to fall asleep there for longer periods without having to be constantly on the alert.

    This is my chair - have I made myself clear?

    The all time favourite (still used) was under our bed. He likes small confined spaces, and soon after that he took over the space under the wardrobe (also still very popular).

    Canít I have a bit of peace around here?

    Then he discovered that he could sit in the windowsills without fear, and now many pleasant hours pass checking out the local residents, the birds, falling leaves, the dogs or anything else that moves. And it is also an excellent place to chill out in the morning sun! The kitchen window of course gives him a view over his childhood home, and I think he spends many hours out there at night while we sleep soundly. We had to clear an area for him, or be woken up at night by the sound of kitchen utensiles crashing to the floor immediately followed by a mad galloping cat!

    Arenít I just cute?

    This isnít bad either!

    Since then the bathroom has also become a popular place to pass time, the drain has always fascinated him, and he will spend hours in there just staring at it or sleeping on the bathroom mat.
    I donít think there are many places in our flat that he doesnít know intimately now, he spent many of his earlier nights here exploring every inch of the place, so whether itís the bathroom, the kitchen, the computer or the arm chair, they are all HIS TERRITORY!

    Donít forget - this is MY bed!

    By the way, I almost forgot to mention the place he spends most of his time nowadays - our bed! Heís dominated that for so long that weíve almost forgotten that it used to be OUR territory. That tale is told in a previous post, see Battle of the bed

    So be carefull, these critters are merciless when it comes to ownership of territory!

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    Oh Fister! I love seeing pictures of you...this time was the jackpot! I think its great that you make sure you have a spot it should be.

    John/Randi....I think there is something about goose down conforters. We have one on our bed and all three LOVE it!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I knew it was another wonderful Fister story by John, and I was right!

    Thanks for the great tail, John. Amazing how they worm their way into every aspect of our lives.

    Tubby, too, likes to sit where he can see all the action. We have a loft that looks out over the living room. There is a huge mirror on the wall opposite the loft. Tubby figured out that if he placed himself strategically in the loft, what he couldn't actually look down on and see, he could see through the mirror on the opposite wall. He spends a lot of time there. We call it his "crow's nest." Guess I'll have to get a picture one of these days.
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    I love these documentary type stories ... especially with PICS!

    Keep it up!

    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    It must be telepathy. I was JUST thinking about Fister and the stories, and there one was! What a wonderful narration, John. I also have a down comforter, and the cats love it so much. Except for Dakky. I think it is too soft and cuddly for him to walk on. Instead, he hops!

    Thanks for the story.

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    Wow! This one looks like a composition for a painting!

    and this one should be called Marlon Monroe!

    Edwina was very unhappy when I first put the feather comforter on the bed. I would have to move the comforter off my legs before she would settle down. (Perhaps she couldn't get enough heat through the comforter??)

    She has decided it's acceptable and I'm allowed to have it on my legs now.

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    Fister I love all your pictures but the one of you on the little cat bed just makes me grin so much!!! Those toes are so cute!!!

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    Ah, yes, the Feline Land Grab!

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    Originally posted by Tubby & Peanut's Mom
    As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I knew it was another wonderful Fister story by John, and I was right!
    Hear hear T & P - just what I thought too!!

    Great pics., and tail (?!!) John - more please? Have you noticed how Pet Talkers are never satisfied!!!

    Time spent with cats is never wasted

    RIP Dear Dan xxx

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    Great pics and another great story John. I'm so glad that Fister is so comfortable in your home now.
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    Great illustrated story- Fister is such a wonderful cat. I'm sure he'll always share his bed with you

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    oh dear Fister!!!!!
    love the story and the running commentary on the photos!!!!!
    how right you are randi...cats don't do ANYTHING without a reason!!!!!!!!!!
    so nice to see the Mr.Fister again!!!!!!!!
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    Hey MOFF,

    I loved the pic with Fister's feeties hanging over the bed
    also. So cute. Fister's pic with eyes closed, napping in
    sunlight was a close second. Great pics & story.
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    Fister's journey - I love to read it!

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