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    Hi Serena, one of my pups Snowy was very much like you. No one wanted him because he had a skin condition. I'm glad you found a wonderful and loving family. Happy DOTD!!
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    All she needed was a real home. Thanks for giving her one. She looks great.

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    Hello Serena!

    I am so glad you landed in a good home with folks who love you and care about you. Sounds like you love them, too!

    You look like my friend's dog, a miniature poodle x miniature schnauzer. She also both sheds and needs haircuts. The skin issues would be from the poodle side, and are part of being a white coated dog (I have lots of experience with this, having been in bichon rescue!). I am please you have been feeling so much better with the oatmeal baths and a loving home.

    Enjoy your day, Serena!

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    You're a pretty girl Serena!!! Thank goodness you found a wonderful home!
    Congrats on being DOTD! I hope this day is special for you and your family.
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    Sweet Serena!

    Hi Serena! Happy Dog of the Day to you! Oh, what a beautiful girl you are, Serena, inside and out! Honestly, your angelic expression, the love I see in those warm, soulful eyes, brings tears to MY eyes! I'm sickened just imagining the abuse you suffered in your early years, at the hands of your former "humans." How any animal guardian could surrender a furkid in her/his time of greatest need is incomprehensible! But thankfully you are now in the loving arms of a devoted, committed, caring forever family, all healed and healthy and happy, looking SO pretty! It a rough start at life, alright, but finally you're living the good life, the life you always deserved! Amazing how far a healthy diet, proper grooming and hygiene and LOVE can go in helping to heal the body and spirit! Oh, how far you've come, sweetheart! And if it's possible for you to be any more special you're a hero as well, alerting your Mommy to the imminent danger that was brewing! I shudder to think what might have happened had you not come to your family's rescue! What goes around comes around, and how well you have repaid your family the love and compassion shown you! You're a treasure, Serena, and your family (human and furry), so very lucky to have a beautiful best friend, a loving companion for life in you! Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweet baby girl! Enjoy your well earned day of honor, being spoiled to the max, and every minute of your wonderful new life! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Serena, and to all of your doggie sibs too!

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    Hello Serena,

    So happy to me you sweet girl. After reading your story I am extra glad that you finally found
    your loving forever home. You deserve it pretty girl. Congratulations on being our honored and
    very special DOG OF THE DAY. Sending you lots of hugs & kisses.xoxoxo
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    Yes, anyone who read her page this morning, check back - we got and added more amazing story for her!
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    Precious Serena!

    Congratulations, Serena, on being DOTD! You are so adorable - my heart melted just looking at your precious face! You're so cute - you should be the star of a TV show or children's book! What an angel face! Thank God you have found the BEST forever home! We hope you continue to have a happy, long, stress-free life! XOXO


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