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Thread: Sweet Lucky & Lacy!

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    Sweet Lucky & Lacy!

    Congrats, Lucky and Lacy, on sharing POTD! You are 2 cuties, that's for sure! I've learned a lot about goats from POTD's great human parents and I hope, someday, to have land and a couple sweet, clever goats like you 2! Have a great day, Lucky and Lacy, enjoying your POTD honor!

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    Lacy and Lucky, you're both adorable!!! Congrats on being POTD!
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    Precious Lucky and Lacy!

    Congratulations to our very special "brother and sister" team Pets of the Day, adorable Lucky and Lacy! It's always a treat when one goat is Pet of the Day, but having 2 makes it a double dip delight! What a precious pair, what a terrific (inseperable!) team you two cuties make, and so helpful to your family as well, doing double duty as "herd boss" and babysitter (Lucky), and "show doe," (Lacy)! Having been selected by your family for top honors out of a herd of 350 +(), speaks volumes as to just how special you two cuties are, and we're so happy your humans decided to show you off to us, to the world! How lucky you kids are, having one another as best buds, a goat soul mate to play with, cuddle with, eat with, sleep with! And how lucky your family is, having two such sweet and gentle, loyal and loving 4 legged companions in you two! Thanks for the BIG smiles, Lucky and Lacy! Meeting you two has truly brightened my gray and gloomy day! And Lucky, I'm so glad you were able to return home, and Lacy, your "ears" couldn't be any more precious! Have a fun day of celebration, kids, being treated to all your hearts desire and more! You sure deserve it! Lots of love, hugs and *kisses* to you, precious Lucky and Lacy!

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    Hello Lacy, Hi there Lucky!

    How fascinating to learn about your type of goat, Lacy. I have not heard of this sort before. And Lucky, having a herd of 350 to rule makes you mighty lucky indeed! I think some humans are quite busy, caring for and milking those females in your herd, Lucky. I am glad you and Lacy have such a sweet friendship.

    Enjoy your day, as Pets of the Day!

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    Lucky & Lacy what a stunning pair you are!!!

    What an important job you have, keeping the herd in line!!! I'm glad you had time for pictures though. Please thank your family for sharing you with us. Everytime I see a goat, I think of my aunt who loved them so. You bring back happy memories for me.

    Congratulations, sweetie Lucky & Lacy, on being our very special Pets of the Day!!!
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    Nice to see some more goaties We have actually sent a few hundred of dairy goat replacement stock to the Madesto area over the last few years


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