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Thread: Last photos of Tony - pup

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    Last photos of Tony - pup

    I finally feel able to post these photos. They were taken at Dad's house, the week (and trip) before the final one.

    From left to right (or farthest away to closest) Tony and Riley. Tony always loved to snuggle next to Riley -- mostly because at the start, it drove her crazy and she would get up and move. This was one of the first times she let him lean on her. He was a typical 'baby brother' in that regard.

    I took so many of Tony and Riley as it was so unusual for her to let him stay leaning on her.

    We must have been out for a long walk in the woods as they were too tired to even look at me, snapping away, lol.

    Then I realized Tasha was staring at me

    A bit later, she went on the sofa too (far end). All this time, Willy was in my lap, his favorite place, which is why there are none of him at that time.

    Three sleeping fluffs!

    That's all.

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    Awww, I bet even the girls miss him, annoying kid brother though he may have been. I am sure he is having a grand time pestering sleeping elders up at the Rainbow Bridge!
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    aww such nice pictures.
    they all look so adorable.


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