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Thread: ~Patches & Wendy~

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    ~Patches & Wendy~

    Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on being POTD Patches & Wendy! You're both adorable!
    I love the picture of you both in your little house! I hope you enjoy your special day!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Precious Patches & Wendy!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you 2 gorgeous babies! Both of you are so photogenic - and could not be any more adorable! We loved all your photos in your fun cage! CONGRATS on being POTD on this wonderful holiday! We hope you (and your loving human parent) have a wonderful, special holiday and a long, happy, healthy life! We wish all pets could be as loved as you are! XOXO

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    Precious Patches and Wendy!

    Hi precious Patches and Wendy! Happy Thanksgiving Day Pet of the Day to you two colorful beauties, and to your entire critter loving family! What precious piggies you are, and oh yes, with so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Day...a warm and loving forever family, deluxe digs, a bounty of fresh, healthy food and the best of veterinary care! Having been mom to pigs, I know how hard it can be to find experienced "exotic pet" veterinary care, how long the drive can be to get to that care! And so, we give great thanks to your family for going the extra mile, literally, to assure that all of your health needs are being met! (Great thanks to Dr Moore at The Cat & Bird Clinic too, for his dedication and great work!) Fingers crossed that the medication is helping dear Wendy, and that you both will know many, many more healthy, happy years with your humans! Thanks so much, Patches, for taking the time to paw off a note to us, giving us a glimpse into your wonderful new life! And oh, we know that as thankful as you two are, your family is just as thankful for the blessing of unconditional wheeker love! Thanks for the BIG smiles, kids! Wishing for you and your entire family, a very happy, healthy, peaceful Thanksgiving Day (with lots of yummy food)! Tons of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Patches and Wendy!

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    I'm so glad you guys have such a happy home now. Thanks to your new parents and your new vet. BTW, what is it that makes a piggie's head tilt? I hope Wendy will be okay with the meds and I'm glad she likes it so it's not hard to give. You guys have lots to be thankful for today. Happy potd to you both! XOXOX

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    Patches & Wendy what an adorable pair you are!!!

    It was a treat for me to see your sweet pictures. I love the one of you two peeking out of your pigloo. Just what I needed to make me smile!!! I hope the medicine has you both all well soon. Please thank your loving family for sharing you with us today. It must be so much fun having you both for special friends.

    Congratulations, sweet Patches and Wendy, on being our very special Pets of the Day!!!
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