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Thread: Celebrity "apologies"

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    Celebrity "apologies"

    Just out of curiosity, what do you think of celebrities who offend, then make big public apologies? In the news currently is Alec Baldwin, and I don't even know what he is apologizing for this time, nor do I care. I fin it disingenuous at best if the same celeb is repeatedly in the news apologizing for one thing after another - can we just collectively decide it is not sincere, and ignore it now?

    And of course there's the Toronto mayor half-heartedly apologizing for things - in his case, it strikes me as completely unrepentant, self-aggrandizing behavior, and a full blown addict with no wish to deal with his own issues.

    Often it seems people will do anything to make news, and I lose respect for them. What do you think?
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    I totally agree with you. Celebrities do anything to remain in the news. They repeatedly offend and repeatedly apologise, the main thing is they get lot of free publicity.

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    I tend to think some people (especially in this country) get offended way too easily. Granted, I don't know what Alec Baldwin said and don't condone racism, etc, but some people are ridiculous.

    I don't really like most celebrities anyway, especially ones that are famous for no reason at all. Frankly, I think they should know what they say always has a way of getting back to fans and the general public and they can offend anyone else more than a normal person can. I do think some of them probably do it for attention. I don't think the apologies actually mean anything most of the time. I think they like putting the band-aid on the wound but it's not real. The thing that amazes me is how much publicity they get for it.

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    First of all I like Alec Baldwin and always have from the days when he was on one of my soap opera's, don't remember which one. Yes he has a temper but the paparazzi just won't leave him alone. They showed up when he was walking out of his residence with wife and baby and he was mobbed with cameras. I wouldn't like that either so I am on the side of Baldwin.

    Jennifer Garner and Hally Berry went to court to get these paparazzi away from them esp. when they were with their children. That's not right either. It's the paparazzi who are at fault and if they are screamed out, they deserve it. Wasn't paparazzi one of the reasons for Princess Diane's death.

    I don't think a huge celebrity like Alec Baldwin needs more press, he is trying to stay away from it.

    My opinion on this subject anyway.

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    I really don't think they are apologizing for what they did/said or whatever. To me, they are apologizing because they got caught.
    How many of the apologies are sincere? They are doing so to keep their 'good' name. Besides, it usually teaches them to think before they speak.
    To me, if you are some sort of celebrity, all the cameras in your face 24/7 is part of it. Just my .02 worth.
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    I don't think too much of celebrities and their apologies don't mean much either-I agree it's an underhanded way to get more attention.
    As for the Totonto mayor I think he should put himself away, nothing he says is sincere---makes me think he fried his brain with booze and drugs. I do feel very sorry for his poor wife who is too afraid to take the kids and leave-I certainly would not want to be at the other end of one of his rages.

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