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Thread: Ryder's issue - HOW to fix?

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    Ryder's issue - HOW to fix?

    How can I encourage Ryder to STOP barking excessively at my parents' house? Especially at Hank, a Beagle/Terrier mix. They will play, but only on Hank's terms. But when not playing, it's either BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK in Hank's face or he won't simply leave Hank alone... so Hank growls and snaps at Ryder to quit it, but it's back to that again too. But all it's done is causing Ryder wanting to play more. What is the problem here? How can I curb his barking to NONE of it or at least less of it? I had him at my parents' house all weekend due to family stuff and Mike was away for work stuff. So I needed to bring Ryder with me. He barked the entire weekend, most of it. Help please? My mom would like to help me work on this issue but I feel that it should be ME to work with Ryder, not her also.
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    I'm sure others will have better suggestions. But my first thought would be to reward the good behavior. When he stops barking, give him a treat. Every single time he stops barking, treat him. Hopefully he is treat motivated. If not, give him what he loves (toy or whatever). Oh, and obviously you want to use teeny tiny treats so he doesn't get stuffed!
    And your mom can definitely help you with this! In fact, anyone in the house can help. Consistency is key!

    An idea for how he constantly wants to play with Hank is for you to tire him out so Hank doesn't have to deal with his puppy antics. If that is even possible to get him tired.

    Good luck!
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    Definitely wear him out as much as possible. And if necessary, keep him separate from Hank if you can, just keep him leashed with you. He in unfortunately getting rewarded for his barking by Hank playing with him, so that encourages it.
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    Barking is its own reward, lol. He doesn't even need Hank to play with him.

    I agree with treats for the quiet time. You will have to be fast to get it in initially. Tiring him out will help of course.

    Also, you can teach him the command "speak" (or "bark" or "talk" or whatever you wish). THEN he can learn "quiet" AFTER that.


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