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    Throwing up

    So I posted recently about Clover having high pH and crystals. I switched her to a vet food to help with it but she was allergic to it. She was chewing the pads off her feet it was so bad. So the vet told me to try and temp diet to help with keep lowing the pH (just had it checked, no more crystals and pH is down to 8) the new diet is rice, cooked liver, eggs, corn oil, oat bran and some other things. She did fine with it for the first few days, I even noticed a big change in her paw licking. She's hardly licking now at all. However, I made up a batch last night for today, fed her around 9 this morning and by 4 she threw it up. I waited til around 7 and fed her half the amount and she threw up again right after eating.

    Any ideas? She seems fine, she just pooped a solid poop, and is running around trying to play with the other dogs (though i'm trying to keep her calm) Could the food just be too rich for her? I did switch directly on to this diet from the old one since she was obviously suffering from her allergies I thought it would be best. Should I feed her something else? Less of it? Maybe feed less more often? I wanted her pH a little lower before switching back and trying Blue Buffalo dog food again.

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    I'd try simpler for a day or so - just the liver and rice maybe, and see how that goes. Because we know she has allergies, it could definitely be that!
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