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Thread: Veteran's Day!

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    Veteran's Day!

    Happy Veteran's Day to all in the military, all who served and those who are in the service now! I have had family members who served in the military most of my life - my grandfather (Army) and grandmother (Navy), uncle (Navy), dad (Army), and of course brother in the Army, and now a nephew currently in the Navy, and a cousin in the Army National Guard, preparing to go to Afghanistan in February.

    While I was never in the military, I respect those who have chosen to serve.

    It's funny, when I was a kid, talking with Dad about it, he said, "Eh, you'd never even make it in! You're asthmatic, nearsighted, and flat-footed!" "But," I said, "I inherited all those traits from you, and you served!!!!" He grinned, and said, "It was 1947 - they'd take anyone who was upright and breathing, pretty much!"

    Others - do/did you get the day off for Veteran's Day? Just curious, I never have, when I worked for other people.
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    Happy Veteran's Day!

    We went out to eat tonight as a family. My father was in the Marines and my brother was in the Army and served in Iraq for 14 months. He works for the VA, helping Vets to this day

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    Thank you to our Veteran Pet Talkers and family members of.

    God bless!

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