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Thread: ~ Sonny ~

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    ~ Sonny ~

    You're a gorgeous boy Sonny!!! Congrats on being POTD! Have a fun day with Tanjiro!
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    Sonny what a beautiful and happy little fellow you are!!!

    I loved your sweet pictures. You look like a little ray of sunshine!!! I know you certainly brightened up my day. Love the after the shower picture of you!!! Please thank your family for sharing you with us. I hope you are having lots of fun today.

    Congratulations, sweet Sonny, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Sweet, sweet Sonny!

    Hi Sonny! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your best buddy Tanjiro, too! What a beautiful, most precious blue Budgie boy you are, Sonny, a beauty in body and heart! You may be a wee Budgie, but oh, your personality and heart are as big as they come! I had to laugh when I read of your love for nesting in your human's robes and PJ's! I never thought of Budgies as "pocket pets," but you proved me wrong! I'm so happy to hear you're doing well despite your health challenges. Your a brave little boy, Sonny, and I just know in the loving care of your family you're going to do just fine! And with a big brother/mentor/best feathered friend in Tanjiro, I'd say you have all the bases covered! What a good brother he was, taking you under his wing when you first arrived home, showing you the ropes, making you feel welcome! What a wonderful family, what an enchanted life you have been blessed with, Sonny! But the luckiest of all is your family, having a sweet and cuddly best feathered friend in you! Thanks for ending my day with a BIG smile, cutie pie! I hope you and Tanjiro are both enjoying your big day in the spotlight, being spoiled rotten! Lots of love and cuddles, belly rubs and little kisses to you sweet, sweet Sonny, and to Tanjiro too! P.S...Your pics are beyond precious!

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    Precious Sonny!

    CONGRATS, Sonny, on being POTD! You certainly deserve the honor! What a sweetheart you are - full of personality and oh-so-lovable! We hope you're having a wonderful day with your loving human parents and your best friend, Tanjiro! Sending Best Wishes and congratulations to you!! P.S. You are soooo photogenic!!

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    Sonny, I just LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!!! You are SO precious and Bless your dear owners for giving you the love and care.

    Bless you all and Congrats on being Pet of the Day

    Leslie and her former POTD Destiny Beaker, Pepito Parakeeto and In Memoriam Rocky Budgeboa

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