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Thread: Wonderful read!

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    Wonderful read!

    I found this article through a link on another website. It's a wonderful article, and it give me hope that there are still bona-fide storytellers in the journalism schools in the country.

    It's about the closing of a local icon in Indiana. If I tried to describe it further, I'd be doing the piece an injustice. If there are any newspaper execs reading this, I think you've just found your next local news reporter.
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    That was an amazing article. Took me right there. Sad, too...

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    That isn't an article, it's a book. Well, short story at least. Good writing style. It's always a little sad to see old times slip away like that.
    Sort of reminds me of the closing of the last Drive In movie place in Indy.
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    Wow! Loved it! It was so sad...
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