I know the normal stuff! Advertise like crazy, do sales, awesome displays help sale, I know all the retail side of the business. I worked retail for a long time!

Now it's coming to a point where I am wanting to start my own business. I have a lot of knowledge in Aquariums (Salt and Fresh), pet birds, and of course dogs and cats. Where I am weak is reptiles and small animals but I know a lot of general knowledge. So I am not worried about giving the wrong information out to people! I am more passionate about aquariums and especially birds. I own a Conure and that pet is becoming more popular, but the sad thing is pet shops are not preparing the potential owner. I just don't want to sale a bird to someone that is having the Pet Honeymoon with the new bird, only to have the bird put off into the corner and not loved anymore.

My Idea for that is to have a buy back program. If the animal is healthy and I get a healthy note from the Vet (Avian vet a must for birds) I will take your pet off your hands for re homing. BUT it would not be for a lot. A normally $500 dollar bird that I sold will only be bought back for $100 tops. It's more of a volunteer thing for the people, I feel if you take an animal on and you were giving all the information, you shouldn't be rewarded for just not liking it anymore. I have a bleeding heart so I might take animals for free to re home. Could anyone see this being a potential problem?

What can I do where others have failed? I have seen two pet shops go out of business in my town, but they were all DIY looking pet shops without much products. I plan on buying 15 grand worth of professional enclosures.