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S. Florida! Fort Lauderdale Shelter!! Surrendered handicap tabby female.

This is a 911 for this poor 8 year old kitty who's front legs are crippled and curled who walks on her elbows, SHe is 8 years old and is spayed. She is on death row and needs rescue or adopter ASAP!!!!

Contact Nicole ASAP who can pull her!!!! Nicoledupras (at)Comcast(Dot) Net

There maybe transport available ground or air, not sure for sure.


Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 14:32:03 -0400
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> She has very short front legs that are crippled and curled and it looks like she walks on her elbows..she's 8 and spayed..she is on death row.
> "Save a life...adopt a shelter pet."