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Thread: I have a Layanese cat

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    I have a Layanese cat

    hi , for all those out there wanting to know what sort of cat the Layanese is , I have an 18 month old girl , she is the most adorable cat, she has a wonderful personality. she fpllows me like a dog and when she cant see me she calls to me. she is a very layed back cat and she gets on well with my old boy who is nearly 12. she is so gentle, i have tryed to get one for a friend but i cant find a breeder anywhere. if any one can help me find a kitten for my friend i would be very grateful.

    thanks linda.

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    They are simply a "designer cat", and not recognized by the Cat Fancier Assn - a cross between a Tonkinese and a Himalayan. They look like a good old Siamese to me!. Don't get me wrong - I had 3 Siamese and loved them, and each one had an entirely different personality. If your friend is looking for one "just like yours", then she would probably do better searching the shelters and rescues and look for any cat that has the personality that matches that of yours, since it seems that's what she's looking for. Just because your Layanese is cute and loveable, doesn't mean that they all are. That's why so many designer breed cats and dogs end up in shelters -- because their owner thought they would be just like the one their friend or neighbor or relative has. When the pet doesn't live up to the human's expectations, then the human no longer wants it. And these so-called "breeders", just keep right on breeding more and more and more. It's a vicious circle and won't stop till people educate themselves and know just what they are getting into. The only one to suffer is the animal!

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    Had never heard of that breed. Yeah, my cat's just a (no cat is ordinary) shelter cat with all that that entails. Whatever.

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    Please tell your friend to go to a shelter and adopt a homeless cat. Don't buy while shelter pets die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moosmom View Post
    Please tell your friend to go to a shelter and adopt a homeless cat. Don't buy while shelter pets die.
    Totally agree with you moosmom. too many rescues need loving homes.


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