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Thread: Cutie Cooper

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    Cutie Cooper

    Hello Cooper,

    So nice to see your sweet little self on my screen today. I can just imagine you & your
    zoomies around the house for the kitties audience. Must be fun for everyone. It is good that you
    have a family that plainly loves you. I also love your cute little car seat. So much better to keep from
    sliding off the seat on quick stops. Big Congratulations on being honored as the DOG OF THE DAY.
    Sending you lots of cyber hugs & kisses.xoxoxo
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    Adorable Cooper!

    Hi there Cooper! Happy Dog of the Day to you, cutie pup! You sure are a warm and welcome sight on this gloomy, drizzly day! You sure know how to brighten a mood (just ask your Mom), "light up" a room with your fun loving personality, your zany antics, your zooooooomies! And as has been said, you're an endless source of free entertainment for the kitties as well! And how neat that sister Izzy is part of the extened family as well! No doubt after a rollicking, fun playdate with Izzy, you're more than ready to put your paws up and hop onto the big bed with your parents for a cuddle (or your floor pillow for zzzz's, hehe)! How blessed your family is, having a beautiful, joyful, lovable furkid in you, Cooper! You do your beloved, greatly missed predecessor, Moby the kitty, proud. And I'm sure Moby is looking down on you all today from the Rainbow Bridge, sending down his love, shouting out a big, heartfelt "good pick" to your Mommy! Thanks for the big smiles, sweetheart! Reading your heartwarming story, poring over your precious pics, have made my day! I hope you and the kitties, hopefully Izzy too, are all enjoying a very happy, fun filled day of celebration, being spoiled rotten! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Cooper, our very special and most deserving honoree! (Would love to see you waving at passersby from your doggie car seat/basket!)

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    You're a little cutie Cooper!!! Congrats on being DOTD! Have a fun day!
    Forever in my heart...


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