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Thread: Tony Time!

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    Tony Time!

    Tony has a BFF, Skippy. While Tony plays with any dog he meets at the Farm, he LOVES Skippy. They love to play 'catch me,' with Skippy ALWAYS in the lead.

    Skippy lives in a house adjacent to the parking area. Tony has followed Skippy home several times, once even going in the house. Skippy of course is on leash once he leaves the Farm; Tony just trots along with him.

    Lying in bed this morning, before we all got up, I FINALLY figured out part of what makes Tony so cute. It is his paws, they are HUGE! Makes him seem like a puppy who still needs to grow into his feet, awwwww.

    Tony gets along fine with ALL dogs out and about. It is in the home he has issues, once he bonds with the human.

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    Awwww - now how cute is that?

    Hey there need to play at home like you do at The Farm!
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