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Thread: I held a kitty in my arms today

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    I held a kitty in my arms today

    There was an abandoned kitten found in Concordia's parking lot today. He's a beautiful gray and white male with green eyes. It was the first time in four years I held a kitten in my arms! One of Concordia's physical theraphists will give him a forever home.

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    Aww! Welcome to life as a spoiled house kitty little one!!

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    Aww, we are glad you got to hold him, it must have been nice to have a kitty in your arms again! I am glad he will have a forever home now! Maybe the physical therapist will bring him in with her and he can be an assistant physical therapist!
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    How good that the kitten was found and rescued, and that you got to hold him, David, and that he now has a great Furrrever home with one of your fine friends at Concordia!

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    Nothing quite beats holding a kitty! Like your idea Karen, a friend gave me a humorous book "Yoga for Cats" and a kitty can certainly demonstrate stretching, or maybe the kitty can have a career as a therapy pet .

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    What a treat, David. So glad the kitty found a home with the physical therapist - hope she will bring him in, so you all can enjoy some cuddle time.

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