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Black and white? Huh???????

Funny, I've seen many shades of gray mentioned here.
At least '50'?


I sat here laughing because I love all things 'aviation' and the thought of a helicopter parent makes my head hurt.

Just take a stool, set it up under a room fan and stick your head into the vanes.....same principle?


Parents should be flight school/tanker parents.

Sit the kids down near a runway, do a little demonstration, then put them into a simulator.

Let them crash and burn a few times, then take them up for a little instruction (don't forget to teach them how and when to use a parachute......they may have to bail out?) let them solo and give them their wings.

Let the kids buzz about for a while then, if needed?

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Give them a little fuel to make it a little farther on their trip.

No need to hover, just be there to give them a little help.


About the parachute?

Some kids will need one - flying isn't a perfect science and giving the kid a chance to bail out is part of the 'life curriculum'. No need to shame them when they do have to bail out.

It's about giving them a choice.

My parents gave me my instruction, parachute and wings.

I have crash and burned, bailed out and flown higher than I ever thought I could.

It's not about black or white, It's about how blue the sky is and being able to go as high as I want.

And when I need to set it down..........