Hi my names Matt. I have a Cat named Spaz. About three weeks ago a owl tried to get him and it scratched his shoulder pretty bad but he was ok. or so we thought. About a week after that we noticed his third eyelid coming up alot not normal for him. Three days ago he was very lethargic and stayed under the bed all day also not normal.Later that night he had what we believe was a seizure. He was drooling really bad it was dripping off his chin and lost his bladder on the bed. we took Spaz to the vet and had a blood test done and they said he had a low red blood cell count 25.01 % and was dehydrated 5 % and a fever of 103.5 and told us they can't find out whats wrong to take him to a different vet in the morning ???? anyone have a clue Of what he could have they charged us 235 for just a visit some fluid and a blood test and didn't have a clue what was wrong or even listen to what we had to say.Running kind of low on money but we love our Spaz and want to do anything possible for him. Any ideas??