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Thread: Can someone tell me whats wrong with my cat Spaz

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    Can someone tell me whats wrong with my cat Spaz

    Hi my names Matt. I have a Cat named Spaz. About three weeks ago a owl tried to get him and it scratched his shoulder pretty bad but he was ok. or so we thought. About a week after that we noticed his third eyelid coming up alot not normal for him. Three days ago he was very lethargic and stayed under the bed all day also not normal.Later that night he had what we believe was a seizure. He was drooling really bad it was dripping off his chin and lost his bladder on the bed. we took Spaz to the vet and had a blood test done and they said he had a low red blood cell count 25.01 % and was dehydrated 5 % and a fever of 103.5 and told us they can't find out whats wrong to take him to a different vet in the morning ???? anyone have a clue Of what he could have they charged us 235 for just a visit some fluid and a blood test and didn't have a clue what was wrong or even listen to what we had to say.Running kind of low on money but we love our Spaz and want to do anything possible for him. Any ideas??

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    Without knowing what those tests said, or anything, I am afraid we cannot help you. I would call around to other veterinarians in the area and explain the situation. Did they give you a printout of the test results you could take with you? What did they test for? Spaz sounds pretty sick, poor thing.
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    The third eyelid is the indication of infection. Get a second opinion. Do what you have to do for the welfare of Spaz, even if it means pawning a piece of jewelry.

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    I agree with the two posts above this one. A trip to a second veterinarian is needed. If you are worried about money, ask the receptionist if they do CareCredit. The vet office I use can see if you approved with a quick phone call.

    Best of luck.
    Sending good vibes for Spaz. I hope he gets better soon!
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    I agree with everyone above. Take him to a second vet as soon as you can, and do what you have to to get Spaz taken care of. If you have some animal-loving friends, ask them for names and numbers of vets they recommend.

    I also second the recommendation to check for CareCredit. I got that through a vet's office last year, which helps me pay for vet bills (plus dentist bills) over time but with no interest charged if you pay it all off within a specified amount of time, and I've gotten up to 18 months on some bills.

    Prayers and good wishes and healing energies are being sent for dear Spaz!

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    Yes do call another vet asap and get Spaz in. He is one very sick kitty and needs some medical attention, sooner rather than later.

    And come back to let us know what happens!


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