Casa Grande, Arizona! Urgent! Himalayan/Siamese from Hoarder to be Killed

CONTACT: Paula, [email protected]
Pinal County Animal Shelter, Casa Grande, Arizona
Phone (520) 509-3555

There were 48 of these cats brought in. Not sure all who is there now and need rescue; contact Shelter or Paula below.

The Himalayan/ Siamese cats are numbered A146399-A146434
Please see this Facebook Link to see the cats who need rescue, please! Some are listed here on this link.

I do not have an album of just the Himalayans. I believe most of them look like Himalayan/Siamese mixes, but we do not have pedigrees or anything, so you be the judge. The shelter lists some as Himalayan and some as Siamese; that is probably guesswork and not very good guesswork, if history is to be the judge. Also, note that they list all or most of them as 2 years, 6 months
The contact info for the shelter is on each individual cat's listing.

However, if anyone is interested in pulling cats, they can also contact Paula directly by email with all their contact info.
Contact Paula if you are a rescue who would like to save these kitties who is not at the shelter but able to pull for
Reputable 501 C 3 Rescue. [email protected]

Shelter Information: You can go and adopt or rescue directly, too.

Basic info, Pinal County Animal Shelter, Casa Grande, Arizona:
Launched September 2011
Location 1150 South Eleven Mile Corner Rd., Casa Grande, Arizona 85122
Hours -
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
Sat: 10:00 - 14:00
Contact info:
Phone (520) 509-3555