Hi All,

I have a good friend in NC who runs a not for profit organization called "Unchaining moore dogs". Their website is www.unchainingmooredogs.com
They help people with veterinary care, proper shelter and care of outdoor dogs, etc... This is someone I know and trust and she does amazing work in a much needed area.

She posted this on Facebook today and I told her I would help pass the word:

"I have a $20 donation so far for the family in need of some aid with vet care They love their animals; they are just having a tough time right now. I would jult like to give them something less to worry about amd make sure that their furry best friends are taken care of...They ar not "dumping" their animals at the shelter or worse in the street. They are reaching out for help so that they can take care of them appropriately. RESPONSIBLE and ADMIRABLE!! Let's pull this communtiy together and help one of our own!!

If anyone is interested in helping, donations can be made at www.unchainingmooredogs.com OR directly to the vet which is Yadkin Park Animal Hospital at 910-692-8542 (I don't have the name of the account that it is under yet but I will get that and pass it on).

Right now, money is needed for shots, heartworm testing and one male needs to be neutered.

I will be donating today and I am just passing this on.