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Thread: Found a hurt bird

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    Found a hurt bird

    Callie found a hurt bird this morning. I picked her up and she seems unbroken (as much as I know about bird anatomy) She's flapping her wings but not going anywhere. I took her because I know she'd be dead within an hour thanks to the wild animals around here (many of them human who would think nothing of "playing" with a hurt bird)

    I have her in a cat carrier and need to know what else to do for her. I think its a finch. Do I put a bowl of water in there? How shallow? Do they eat anything special or should I just go to the pet store? Of course its Sunday and I work at 11, making a trip to the pet store a bit difficult. I googled the question and didn't find any real help there.

    She's very scared (I guess 7 curious cats and an obnoxious dog would do that) I'm calling it a her because I know male birds are more colorful than their female counterparts and she's very brown.

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    Use Google
    Put in Wildlife Rehabilitator [state]
    where [state] is the name of your state.

    Wildlife rehabbers speciliaze but you should be able to find one who handles birds. Take the bird in, in the carrier. They are experienced and will know what to do.

    Some birds need legs to lift off and the bird may have a broken leg. I had one - cat catch - that had a broken leg. The rehabber told me she would splint it and treat for pain, and in 4 weeks the bird would be good to go.

    Let me know if you have issues finding a Rehabber in your area!


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