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    Oh Barley, your story brought tears to my eyes this morning. What a rough start and ending to your very short life. You were a very special boy that deserved so much more. thank you for reminding us how very important that heartworm medicine is.
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    Hello, What a touching tribute regarding Barley. I have tears in my eyes after reading your story and I am sorry you are no longer with us. Barley really sounds as if he was a loving special dog and he certainly deserved a longer life. Thank Goodness, you and others helped make his final months/days good for him.

    I agree with you; we should protect our animals with med to prevent heartworms. I have a friend who at the time did not give her dog heartworm med. I said to her: "you say that you love your dog but if you really loved her, you would spend the money to get and give her heartworm prevention med" and soon after that, she took her dog for exam (no heartworms) and got heartworm med. Back to Barley, thank you for telling us about him, he really was a special. Congrats on being DOTD!
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    Oh Barley, what a story! You were a handsome boy and it seems touched quite a few hearts, including mine. How brave of your humans to tell your story to help save other dogs! And what wonderful people, all that were mentioned, for helping you!
    I hope you being DOTD is a special day for your humans. I know you're looking down from the Rainbow Bridge.
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    Brave, beautiful Barley~

    Dear beautiful Barley~What a brave and courageous boy you were, a true survivor. Your indomitable spirit, your love for life despite your incredible health challenges, are truly an inspiration to us all. I too am in tears after reading your very moving story. I'm crying tears of sadness knowing you were taken from your Mom and Dad and all who loved you far before your time, and happy tears, knowing that there still exists in this world selfless, caring, devoted animal lovers like Claudia and Alan, Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, Dr. Riego and all at the Glenwood Animal Clinic, and of course your amazing Mom and Dad; people and organizations dedicated to giving deserving doggies such as yourself a chance at happiness and a healthy life. You fought SO valiantly, sweetheart, but you also lived those wonderful 2 years on your terms (to your Mom's dismay), enjoying every moment of your wonderful new life to the fullest; you just were THAT happy. And when it came to time for you to leave for the Rainbow Bridge, when your body grew too weary to carry on, you did so so valiantly, surrounded by family and so many of the caring friends you had made along the way, your heart filled with LOVE! Your family no longer has you there in body, Barley, but your precious spirit and your legacy, a legacy of unconditional love, courage and devotion, is everlasting. Your short life is testament to the enduring spirit of the canine, and your family's devotion and unconditional love the benchmark for all animal parents. I only hope more will heed your Mommy's plea in hopes that with time, no more doggies or families will have to suffer the heartbreak of a heartworm diagnosis. Now, run happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge, beautiful Barley, until that wonderful day or renunion, when you and your Mom and Dad, your doggies buds Maggie and Happy, and those precious kitties, are together again! And to the parents of Barley, thank you SO much for all that you did for your beautiful boy. He was truly blessed to have known your family's unconditional love and devotion, and you equally blessed, having known Barley's Velcro love, having had the honor of sharing those near 2 years with truly, one of the most special dogs God ever created. (((hugs)))

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    Beautiful Barley

    What a loving tribute to such a courageous dog...I'm sure that Barley enjoyed every loving moment with his family. He will be missed...

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    Bless you beautiful Barley. My heart breaks for you. Bless your wonderful Mom and Dad, and your BFF the Vet and the rescuers and everyone who was there for you


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