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Buffalo NY, Free Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty - ON CRAIGSLIST, HELP!

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To help this CH Kitty email the Craigslist poster please! Email: [email protected]

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This is the second time that I have posted this cat. I changed my mine due to my daughter promising to take better care of her. That did not work.

I have a Free Cat that I need to find a good home. She is a special needs cat. Very sweet and lovable. I adopted this cat for my daughter who no longer cares for it or spends time with it. She needs someone who is understanding. She is fully littered trained. This cat has issues as far as balance. She tries to jump up on windowsills, beds or whatever, and there are times she can make it and there are times that she just falls. I adopted her from a no kill shelter. I refuse to give her to my local shelter for fear they would put her down due to her issues. Just because she is a bit spazzy does not mean she does not deserve to live. If anyone is interested, email me . She is what they call a Tortoiseshell cat. Very pretty, sweet just a bit goofy. : (