Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kittens for adoption in Harriman, New York

2 CH Kittens for Adoption in Harriman, New York.
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Hi, I foster pregnant (and nursing) cats and kittens for a local shelter. On May 1st Asia had a litter of 5 kittens. Four of the five are affected in varying degrees with CH. Alfie and Benjy are the most affected. They scoot around, and can eat and drink from their bowls and flop themselves into a litterbox. Cory does not seem to be affected. Danny and Eddie are small for their age and I do see the CH stance in their back legs, but the are up on all fours and very mobile.

Quite funny actually - they all are loving and sweet and keep me laughing. They have been to the vet and were well checked. No heart murmurs, no umbilical hernias, no fleas, no ear mites and they were treated for parasites. They all tested neg. for FIV/FeLV. We feel they are ready to go home. We need homes for Alfie and Benjy with CH experience. I was hoping that maybe you knew of good homes that were looking to adopt.

Debi Welle