CONTACT: [email protected] pml24 (AT) Hotmail (DOT) com

~ A CH kitty (cerebellar hypoplasia aka wobbly kitty) in Charlotte, NC needs temporary foster, can anyone help? Please see Nicole Spivey's post below. Thanks!!

"I have a 4 year old high-functioning CH cat named Anubis. She can eat, walk, groom herself, run a little bit, get up on a chair or the bed. The only thing she struggles with is getting IN the litter box. But if we pop her on there 2 or 3 times a day she is good, and will usually go near the box and meow when she needs to use it.

We are dealing with a lease problem: The owner of the property specified No Pets, but the prop. management company allowed us to have the cat. Now the owner is using the "if I don't like your pet I can require you to get rid of it anyway" clause, and I need to find a foster home for Anubis until we can get our situation worked out.

If anyone within 4 hours of Charlotte NC is willing to keep her for a month or two, I don't know what kind of payment is appropriate but we can discuss it. I would also pay for food and litter as needed. i know this sounds desperate, but they only need to give 72 hours notice, she is supposed to be gone by tomorrow." (that would now be TODAY, Friday, July 12.)

Please contact Patty La Quay as she has the contact for this CH Kitty! This is time sensitive and needs help NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONTACT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pml24[email protected] pml24 (AT) Hotmail (DOT) com