Hey guys, I'm the owner of Tawni, my name in real life is Winnie, it's her day today, and while it is her day I feel there's someone else that needs to be noticed and remembered as well. It is with his loss that she helped us, bringing us closer together in a time of pain and sorrow. To remind us that we're ok, we're gonna be ok. That Monty's ok now. He's been in my life for as long as I could remember, there isn't a time I can look back and he wasn't apart of my life. He had a good, long life. A Schipperke that lived until 15 and a half. My dad had rescued him when he was only a year old from abusive owners, but we knew his time was coming. He was mostly blind, mostly deaf and had bad arthritis. We wanted him to go naturally when he was ready, not when we wanted him to be ready, being as he didn't go to the vets often bringing him there would of only brought him more distress. Monty never really acted like he was in pain, he never wanted us to see that our time with him was coming to an end. The night he passed was such a long night, my dad works night shift and he had always been closest with my dad, he wanted to hold on until he got home, so they could say goodbye to each other. He made sure we all got to say goodbye. He was so, so strong, a fighter. 1997-2013 R.I.P. Monty, I love you, we'll meet up again someday <3

Many of these pictures are in the last year we had with him.