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Thread: Has been 4 years..

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    Has been 4 years..

    It has been four years since I have been on here.

    My name is Alma and remember being on here all the time and love that it is still going!

    Unfortunately last year Muneca has passed away at age 14 and Chiquita her mother passed away this year at 16.

    We do still have Chiquis and he is 16 years old but still spunky!

    Hope all is well with everyone. Soon I will be getting a new puppy not sure what breed but will be nice to have a new furry friend.

    I will post photos soon makes me wonder if most of friends I had on here are still around on this forum! Has definitely been a long time.


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    Welcome back! We're still here! Sorry to hear of your loss of Mueneca and Chiquita, but we are glad Chiquis is still with you! You'll have to see which puppy calls you name when you visit the shelter to see what breed will be next - although they ALL call my name, so that doesn't work for everyone!
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