Calling all cat rescue & dog rescue groups and any other animal shelters that may be located nearby:
Please help me pass the word.

This was just announced on national weather station. EMERGENCY HELP NEEDED IMMEDIATELY
@ Humane Society of Pinealls County Florida (near Tampa area).

The roof of the humane society just caved in. The staff at that shelter is very busy rushing around attempting to rescue all the cats and dogs inside that shelter and are EXTREMELY DESPERATE for your help.

If you are able to assist them RIGHT NOW, please show up at their facility immediately.

The address to this humane society is 3040 State Road 590, ClearWater, Florida, and their phone number is (727) 797-7722.

On behalf of this shelter, thanks so much in advance for all of your help. It is apprecciated far more than you will ever know or realize