Hello Everyone!
Yesterday I finally found the source of the noise that my husband and I have been hearing for a week; a 3-4 week old kitten! Guys, she is so adorable!! She's black with white paws and a white strip down her face and spots on her feet. I wish I could upload a picture, but I don't have a good one yet. Anyhow, this is my first time caring for such a young kitten and I have a few questions.

First of all, I did take Batsy to the vet and they gave her a "dewormer", 1/4 of a pill that made her fleas fall off as well as a flea brush, canned KMR and a small feeding bottle. So far she is doing pretty good with drinking the KMR, but she drinks it better from a "bowl", aka the lid of an Altoids can. Is it okay to continue to feed her from the lid? I've also heard that you should wrap the kitten up when she is being fed, do I need to do this too if she is already eating from a lid? I'm also wondering when I need to start giving her wet food, solid food or even crunchy food that has been watered down?

Next order of business, is business. I have a box that I have torn so that Batsy can get into it to use as a litter box. At first I tried shredded newspaper, but she kept trying to eat it so I changed it to dirt that was near where she was and she peed in it almost instantly. However she has not pooped yet. How can I help her do that? I've tried stimulating her by taking toilet paper and rubbing her butt, but do I need to be doing this with something else? She is a little fussy when I use toilet paper.

Sorry for the long post, but I want to make sure that little Batsy is going to grow up healthy.