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Thread: Kitten's hurt leg

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    Kitten's hurt leg

    Okay. So my 7 or 8 week old kitten hurg his leg and was limping for two days. I took him to the vet but they told me to wait it out and come back monday for xrays. But I'm being charged 98 for xrays. I dont have that kind of money. Any way. He's getting better now but he still limps a little. His hind leg looks a bit crooked and I'm worried about him. Should I be worried? He's back to being very playful and running around everywhere but his leg looks bent out. I dont know what to do.

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    He is such a young kitten, and his bones are still growing. Ask if they will let you pay in installments, as you need to get the X-ray done, and have the bone set if is is broken. If it is not set, it will heal crookedly, and cause other problems later in life, as he grows and the bones have to hold more weight.
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