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    Aww Chinook, you are beautiful! It sounds like you're a wonderful girl. I just love Goldens! Congrats on being DOTD!
    I hope this is a special day for you and your family!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Oh Chinook what a beautiful girl you are and so kind and loving to Everyone.
    Your family is so fortunate to have you and one can tell how much they
    love you as I'm sure you love them too. Congratulations Beautiful
    Chinook for being our wonderfull DOG OF THE DAY.

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    Magnifient Chinook!

    Hi Chinook! A very happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet baby girl!

    What a gorgeous Golden girl you are, Chinook, head to tail, inside and out! I just love how those curls around your ears frame your beautiful face! Your family is so very, very proud of you, sweetheart, and for good reason! As your Moms says, you are magnificent; one beautiful, smart girl and most important of all, true to your beloved breed, you're as golden hearted as they come!

    What a rough start at life you had, Chinook, such a scary time for your fur mommy Razel and your breeder! But thankfully you pulled through (and hopefully your dear fur mommy Razel did too), and the rest is happy history! No doubt you and your forever family were destined to be together, Chinook, and how blessed your people are, having a joyful and loving best friend for life in you!

    Thanks so much for brightening my stormy Sunday with your beautiful self, Chinook...that trademark Golden smile of yours is a heart melter, as is your entire photo spread! My Lab Star loves retrieving in/plowing through the snow just like you, and each and every spring those tennis balls that mysteriously went missing over the winter are unearthed!

    Just as adverstised, you're one extra special girl, Chinook, and so very deserving of your Dog of the Day honors!
    Hope you're enjoying a very happy, fun and loved filled day of celebration, sweetheart, being treated to all your BIG heart desires and more!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Chinook!
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    Charming Chinook!

    What a beautiful, intelligent girl! Enjoy being Dog of the Day, Chinook!

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    Hello Chinook,

    What a beautiful Golden lady you are & a smart girl too. I love the way
    you interact with your family.They clearly love you so much. I do
    hope your momma dog survived your birth. She really had such a gorgeous baby
    in you. Congratulations sweetheart on being chosen as DOG OF THE DAY.
    Sending lots of cyber hugs & kisses for your sweet face.
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