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Thread: LONG ISLAND, NY: 2 bonded cats to die May 15 -- trying one more alert and plea

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    LONG ISLAND, NY: 2 bonded cats to die May 15 -- trying one more alert and plea

    CONTACT: [email protected],
    Patty at [email protected] if you can foster or provide forever home.

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    These two happy little cats will become homeless and will be taken to the pound or dumped May 15th. Either way they will die. This may be the last alert -- have sent 3, 4 others and there has been no interest. Sadly, these two pals are now happy and content in their home -- how could they possibly know their time together, their time here on earth is almost over. In the scheme of things I guess two cats, two small bits of life really don't matter when thousands die each day -- and yet these lives are as precious to these cats as our life is to us. Life is bestowed on every living thing without permission or direction but we all adapt and learn to enjoy, to cherish, to want to hang on -- then comes death unannounced and unwanted and closes the door to even one more minute. Please crosspost for these pals - these members of life's community no matter they are unknown to us and another specie -- Dunne reminds us -- I paraphrase "any death diminishes me, because I am involved in life, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” free transport is available thru me [email protected]

    The situation: A woman’s boyfriend passed away, leaving her with the 3 cats he had acquired. Without his income, she was forced to move into a single room. One of the cats has passed away. Now, she faces eviction on 5/15/13 due to building being condemned, and she has been unable to find a new apartment that accepts cats, within her price range ($700-800). Her situation is desperate, and she will likely have to go into a homeless shelter. She has no family. Sheriff WILL take cats to kill shelter or landlord might put outside on 5/15/13. This is a HARD deadline.

    Details about the cats:

    Kitty Girl - Tabby - age about 8 - from W.Islip Animal Shelter - had shots - needs to learn to trust you. She is VERY gentle but also very shy.
    Buggy - Tiger cat - age about 8 - rescued - had shots, gentle and friendly.

    Inside-only cats their entire lives.
    Papers are available for Kitty Girl, but not for Buggy
    Short hair cats, not de-clawed
    Very bonded so must remain together.
    Best in home with no kids or dogs. Would not do well in shelter or pet store adoption environment.

    Contact: Patty at [email protected] if you can foster or provide forever home.
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