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Thread: If anyone can identify this new rescue, 9mon old Gadget! :)

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    If anyone can identify this new rescue, 9mon old Gadget! :)

    hello, my name is Kyle and have had Gadget for a little over a week, and absolutely love him, he is already spoiled lol,

    anyways.....I know for a fact that the breeder said he is part chihuahua, and I think the other part is a manchester terrier or terrier of some sort but i just can't figure out which, his coat is long hair w/black and tan in color....mostly black...

    if any of you could figure out what exact mix he is and possibly how big he might would be much appreciated...

    he is 9 months in this photo, still a pup basically...

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    How big is he? It's hard to tell, but from those ears, I bet he's part Pappillon! Chihuahua/Papillon maybe - do his ears have silky fringes on them?
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    Manchester terrier or Miniature Pinscher with the chihuahua.

    What a cutie!

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    I'd say Papillon as well, those ears are too big for a chi!

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    Hello, Gadget! I just wanted to say you sure are cute! Welcome to Pet Talk!
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    thx for the replies guys.....

    here is another pic I just took a little while ago.....

    If I had to guess I would say he is 8 lbs maybe?

    He is pretty much the length of that small pillow beside of him...

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    Oh My! He is so cute. He sure is part chihuahua and he does have big ears--the bigger to hear you with. He's adorable and I'm so glad he has a good home with you.

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    Whatever Gadget is, he's adorable!
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    Adorable!! Maybe some corgi in there? The size of the ears make me think corgi. His legs appear short, are they?


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