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Thread: Kitten nursing and cat bullying...

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    Kitten nursing and cat bullying...

    Hi all! My fiancée and I jut rescued two twin tuxedo male babies (no age on record but we're guessing 9-10 weeks) and one, Jäger, is sucking on the twin, Abita,'s side. I was wondering if this is normal? I fostered two female kittens who suckled on my older male, Harrison (2 years),'s nipples but never each other...I'm taking Abita to the vet later today, since he never actually had passed his worms from the dewormer and is having trouble going potty, and I wasn't sure if sucking or massaging his side feels good so his brother is helping him out?

    I also found out today, that instead of grooming the kittens like I thought he was, Harrison lays them down on he ground with them, bites their necks, grabs a tight hold on them and ferociously kicks them with his back feet. Naturally I broke it up and separated them into different rooms but, is this normal/dominance? He didn't do this with the female fosters at all, and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

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    The suckling is normal, some cats do this because they were separated from their cat mom too early, but some just do it for comfort. I am guessing Harrison does not have his claws out when he's doing that to the kittens, right?
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    Kittens will suckle if they've been taken from Mama too soon. If they are 8 to 9 weeks, they should be eating caned kitten food. Glad you're taking them to the vet.

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