I like something a little different if possible, and i like to look up the meanings sometimes, lexie was actually named after an actress who played a beautiful dark haired girl in a scottish series i loved, so that is how she got her name, quite appropriate as she is black and i am scottish, also i later found out it means defender of mankind, hmm well yes i cannot quite see that from my lil girl .

Nikkita well she was called victoria, i wanted nothing to do with the names that horrible previous owner had called them, and i have always loved the song Nikkita by elton john so that is how she got her name.

Ellie-mae, well she was called duchess, and i used to call her duchella, so ellie came out of that, as again did not want anything to do with their previous names, and she was called that after the beautiful ellie-mae on the tv series hillybillies.

Ash was called after Ash in pokemon , my daughter name him, he was ash grey as well, so suited.

I even have names for my future cats, liberty and skylar or brandy are my chosen names at this stage.