As you guys know, my worst absolute worst subject is math.

I started taking real credit math classes last fall and well, that went down the tubes fast. In hindsight, I see it as partially my fault for a variety of reasons (being lazy, pushing it to the side, not studying or practicing enough) but Hurricane Sandy and things like that didn't help whatsoever. Either that or I honestly think I have some undiagnosed math block or learning disorder. Anyway, after tons of effort I retook the course and I wound up getting a 84 on my first test and a 75 on my 2nd one, 80-100 on ALL of my quizzes, 100's on all the homework, and basically I have steadily just been doing better. Thought I'd share THAT bit of good news!!

ANYWAY, I hadn't really thought much of summer courses but I still have to take College Algebra and Trig (MATH 152) and Pre-calc (153) at my school (a community college). I pushed it out of my mind because I thought I CANNOT take a math in 6 weeks. NO WAY. But today, I was talking to a girl who said there was 3 summer sessions, one of which is 11 WEEKS and she said she always takes her more difficult classes then because it's longer. It got me thinking....maybe I can take College Algebra and Trig over the summer? It meets two nights a week - 3 hours.

I've talked to tons of people have heard mostly that summer classes were better for them since it was all they needed to worry about and it wasn't with tons of other classes. Plus, I wouldn't forget everything over the summer like I know I would.

So, rather than 15 weeks it is 11 weeks. But that just doesn't seem that bad to me. I think I could handle it plus with this new job I have much better hours for this type of thing!

Any input, experiences? Yes? No? Am I nuts?

Do you think I'd still have a life? That's a concern too. I volunteer for the Wildlife conservation corps and want to be able to do all my outdoor rec stuff that I don't do over the winter