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Thread: Aunt Is Great Grandmother

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    Aunt Is Great Grandmother

    My Aunt Maxine Macklin called last night to inform us that she is a Great Grandmother,her Grandson Darren Macklin become the father of a bouncing baby boy Chael 9 pounds and a few ounces.I think the name comes form the last 5 letters of Michael and have no idea how it is pronounced,this makes Mom a Great Great Aunt,has been a few times and some sort of Cousin to me as Darren's Dad Larry is my Cousin.Could be pronounced like sail with a k or sound like jail.It is of Hebrew origin,a short form of Michael which means who is like god.They are Catholic and Darren is in the Canadian Armed Forces like his Uncle Terry was awhile back.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Wow! Congratulations to the new Great Grandmother and all the family, and welcome, little Chael!
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