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Thread: Televisions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Out of curiosity, for those of you who keep the TV on for the noise factor, have you considered just keeping a radio playing instead? I bet it would save you a TON in terms of electricity usage!
    That's a good point! I make sure to turn off lights when I'm not in a room, and I even turn off the TV during the night.

    If I'm not on my computer for half an hour, I put it on "sleep", and if I'm away for longer, I shut down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Out of curiosity, for those of you who keep the TV on for the noise factor, have you considered just keeping a radio playing instead? I bet it would save you a TON in terms of electricity usage!
    Somehow and for some reason, the radio just doesn't cut it.

    The one t.v. that I have on most of the day is in the living room on the wall opposite my computer, so if I'm on the computer, I'm always turning around to see what's going on with the t.v. I don't have it only for noise - I watch it too! As for the one in my bedroom - when I go to bed I set the timer - usually for 2 hours - so it shuts off and doesn't run all night.
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    I have a tv in the livingroom and one in the bedroom. I seldom watch tv, except when I go to bed and then I turn the timer on to shut it off.

    Having had surgery recently and being nearly bedridden the first week I've had my fill of Animal Planet! Still turn it on in the evening and lay around in bed but then I'm not back to work yet.

    As for the noise factor, I work in a noisy factory so when I get home from work, silence is golden some days!
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    I rarely put the TV on during the day but if the weather is bad and I am housebound I put it on for company. Even if I am not in the room the voices keep me company. Some how the radio doesn't cut it for me except when I am driving.

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    I have two tv's. I only turn them on after I get home from work at night during the week. I have one in my livingroom and one in my bedroom. When I had a roommate in the other bedroom they also had a hook up for a tv.
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    I have one TV, a big huge analog one that I got from my brother's mother-in-law after she went into assisted living. (I used to have a small one.) I have a digital converter box so it can get in today's digital-only signals.

    I don't have cable or Uverse or Xfinity or any of those TV services that cost money, so all I have access to are the broadcast networks. I have an antenna on top of the TV to catch those signals, but the reception is really lousy in my building. I get maybe 4 stations, but whenever I switch from one to another the reception for the new one is terrible and I have to keep moving the antenna around to try and get it right and then find I haven't gotten it that time, and it doesn't stay the same for one station over time, so now I just leave it on one station, channel 4 (NBC affiliate).. So I pretty much just have the one TV station there!

    I just have it on when the news is on, and I'm usually doing other things then but can pick up on if there's something they're talking about that I want to pay more attention to (e.g., the morning weather forecast). I don't really have any interest in any of the other regular shows. The last time I had it on for something else was the Super Bowl.

    The rest of the time I have music on. Usually the radio, usually tuned to the CBC (Canadian public network) station in Windsor. They have a nice selection of different kinds of music shows all day long.
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    Five. One in my room, one in my sister's room, one in the living room, one in my parent's room, and one on the deck. (And I think we have an extra in the garage....XD)

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    Just one and I despise it. If I am home alone it does not get turned on. If I am home with company and it is on it makes me almost postal . Give me sweet sweet music any day.
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    I have two. One in the living room and one in my bedroom. They both havd dvd players. I am spending more time in the bedroom thanks to my advancing arthritis so enjoy that one a lot. I use them for company more than anything.
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    Let's see.... Total of 7. I do not have cable/dish. I use rooftop antenna and rabbit ears.

    2 in den I have a 42" and 21" in den. Computer is in den & I can watch tv if I want while on comp..
    1 in dining room
    1 in kitchen
    1 in my bedroom
    1 in bathroom
    1 in living room (not hooked up)

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    We have 4, but will soon have 5 again when my sister moves back in after her college graduation. I have my own but it's usually never on. I tend to not watch TV and when I do, it's usually taped on the DVR or I watch it online, as I don't have time NORMALLY. Now that it's spring break, I'll probably have even less time with all the working and hiking I'll be doing! Until last Christmas I had a 7 year old TV in my room, my brother gave me his mint condition (3 year old!) one that he never used so it was knew to me! I never saw a need for a new one as I rarely rarely watch TV

    My parents sleep with their television on, I really don't understand that one. I can't sleep with any chronic noise, personally!

    We don't leave them on at all hours of the day though, when no one's watching them, they're off!

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    There are two TVs in our room at Concordia. Mine is a nice 42" sony bravia which is hooked up with two dvd players (one a recorder) and a vcr with a ton of remotes!. My roommate, Barry, has a 19" unsure of make and we use them every day.

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    I haven't had a tv for 15+ years.

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    I have two, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catty1 View Post
    I have one TV but no TV service. I have a VCR (remember those?) and a DVD player hooked up to it.

    I like listening to radio - I actually have a stereo component system and still need to figure out how to get the radio sound happening. CDs - no problem. Radio - the volume levels move so there is sound, but it's not reaching the speakers!
    Do you have a separate CD player? If you do.....Check the "output.speaker" switch on the front of the system/tuner.

    Or the button on the remote.

    (I frigging hate the stereos NO buttons on the main unit.)

    I have a CD/DVD player hooked up to a TV with a soundbar.

    I can only play CDs with the TV on because the sound is routed thru the TV set!


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