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Thread: Karen & Paul: are you under the white stuff?

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    Karen & Paul: are you under the white stuff?

    What a strange storm! Two and a half days, high winds, snow, and a puzzle to the most seasoned weather forecaster! By Friday noon, one was even heard to say on live TV: It will stop when it stops. This storm has not been easy to predict and constantly stalls, shifts, stalls again.

    Due to geography, here in RI we got 2.5 inches of snow -- so they say. I ask, "where?!" I don't have even that much. Did get some rain.

    ALL AROUND ME has been buried. My good friend just 18 miles away is under 14 inches of the white stuff; and 2 miles north of her in Mansfield, Mass, they got 2 FEET! North, east and west of RI got buried- in a storm which was initially supposed to pass by New England, leaving perhaps 3 to 5 inches.

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    Here's what she said yesterday aftenoon. Post # 13

    We got the snow a few days ago, but higher temps melted almost all of it by now.
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    We got about a foot of heavy, wet snow = snowman snow! No, I didn't actually make a snowman, but that's just how I define snow quality. Thankfully we didn't need to actually go anywhere yesterday early in the day, so could wait for the snow to actually stop - late afternoon - before shoveling.
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