If you are a child, this message is not for you.
Now as much as ever we need your help. We need more visitors to the websites, and there have been requests for a new fundraiser as well, as you know, the websites do cost money to maintain and host of course!

1) For the people who are willing and able, we are accepting donations here.

2) We know there are millions of people on the Internet who love pets as much as you and I do. Please invite your friends or family who would enjoy Pet of the Day, Dog of the Day, Cat of the Day, and Pet Talk to visit.

There are so many ways you can share the fun! From things as simple as telling any pet people you know, to contacting friends with a link. Those of you with Twitter can send a tweet about today's featured pets by clicking the button on the homepage, where you can add your own text or just send the one we customize for that day's stars each day. Link to us on your Facebook account, and post there about any pet, dog or cat of the Day that strikes your fancy - or all of them! Those of you who are tech-saavy, we'd love links on any websites you have, any tweets about us, and for you to retweet our daily posts to your followers. If you have a blog, pretty please mention our sites and link to us.

As people have suggested in the past, we will be considering selling items like mugs and tote bags soon. Please post comments and suggestions to this thread on Pet Talk or send them to info @ Petoftheday.com

Easy links:
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Dog of the Day - http://DogoftheDay.com

Pet Talk - http://PetoftheDay.com/talk
Pet Talk - http://PetTalk.com

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