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If you are a child, this message is not for you.

We are asking your help in one of two ways; either financially or by telling pet people you know about Pet of the Day, Dog of the Day or Cat of the Day.

1) For the people who are willing and able, we are accepting donations here.

2) We know there are millions of people around the world who might love Pet of the Day, but have not heard of it yet.

We have just started using Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Hopefully, these social media websites will help spread the joy of Pet of the Day, Dog of the Day and Cat of the Day.

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Now more than ever we need your help. For the past nineteen years, we have been featuring a new Dog, Cat and Pet story every day. We are having a Pet of the Day / Pet Talk fundraiser to help us pay for the Internet hosting and computer-related costs of running the websites.

We are delighted to bring a little bit joy into the hearts of people around the world each day. If you are willing and able to send us a donation to defray the last year's costs, and help us upgrade for the coming year, we would be extremely grateful.

For general discussion, here is a thread in Pet Talk, or for specific questions, you can email Karen (at)

Please choose donating through PayPal, or via mail:

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Postal Mail
Our Account is
listed as
"Painted Turtle
Payable to "Karen Watts"
Karen Watts
53 Hill Road
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Belmont, MA 02478

Every donation is tremendously appreciated. Thank you very much for being part of Pet of the Day.

   Karen Watts