Bartie isn't doing well. He's stopped eating and drinking (not even goat's milk which he LOVES). He hops from litterbox to litterbox and nothing is coming out.

I took him to the vet yesterday. They gave him a long acting antibiotic just in case he's got a UTI. I'm frustrated because the vet didn't give him subQ fluids or do any blood tests. The vet told me if it doesn't work, there's really not a lot she can do for him. It is ripping my GUTS out seeing him like this. I feel so helpless. My friend Nancy is "sponsoring" him. She and I have very different opinions on euthanization. I believe it would be in Bartie's best interest to help him to the Bridge. I can't stand to see him suffer this way. She feels that if he's going to die, he'll die on his own in his own time.

I just spoke with Nancy and we've agreed to get a second opinion. Nancy said money is no object when it comes to Bartie, which is reassuring. But at what point do you say enough is enough??? I'd much rather have him go to the Bridge while I'm holding him and telling him how much he is loved and what a great cat he is, than to wake up and find that he died alone in the night.

Right now I'm at a loss for words.