now why i am posting this is,because he does appear to be sick, i thought maybe he had mange, as he has a few prickles missing and this grey caked looking mud, i emailed my vet for advice, and he rang me, he also said it can be a zinc deficiency which is common in hedgehogs or it could be mange, so cat biscuits and food are great for him, he is drinking lots of water, and he is so cute when he cannot get to the bottom of the water he puts his foot on the edge holds it down so he can drink it.

He was so thirsty the other day he drank 3/4 of a margerine container in size all at one go, i do think he is better as yesterday i had not seen him/her all day long and then when he/her came out they saw me and scuttled away under the house, so i am leaving some food daily for it.

The house is insulated underneath with a black plastic type material,so it should be quite warm and very sheltered for the hedgehog.

My vet did say we can inject the hedgehog with imovac for the mange if it is that, and only a donation required, of course getting him is the hard bit, however i was told just to keep an eye on him/her and see if there is improvement and if not to bring him/her in.

These are the big brown hedgehogs we have in NZ, so wish me luck,any experience with looking after them and advice always taken on board, thanks.