Rescued Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) Kitty PJ needs an MRI ASAP.

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Donations needed via link or directly to the vet via CC by telephone
Organizer: Lisa Kirry [email protected]
Beneficiary: PJ C/O Michelle Canzano [email protected]



PJ, the CH cat, is scheduled for a much needed MRI on March 11, 2013. With the help of donations, she will be able to proceed with this much needed procedure.

CH stands for Cerebellar Hypoplasia commonly referred to as Wobbly Kitty Syndrome. If you are not familiar with this condition, please see the website for more information.

PJ is in the foster care of Michelle Canzano in Kent WA. She has had good days and bad days but she is such a sweetie according to Michelle. Michelle has been such an angel in taking care of her.

Funds for prior medical care have been raised through the chip in site which is now being taken down. The MRI is in addition to the money already collected and spent on her medical care. The cost will be approximately $1,700.00. The MRI is needed to determine the best course to take with her care. This fundraiser is for the cost of her MRI. We are hopeful we will have a good outcome in determining exactly what is going on with PJ. Please find it in your heart to help this beautiful little kitten get the medical attention she desperately needs.

PJ will be going to Dr. Saunders for her MRI on March 11 at:

Seattle Veterinary Specialists
11814 115th Ave NE, Bldg J
Kirkland, WA 98034

You may also contact Seattle Veterinary Specialists directly to donate to PJ's medical bills or mail in your donation to the address listed above. Please note the payment is for PJ C/O Michelle Canzano.

Update 02-18-2013 from Michelle:
She is having good and bad days. She has one more tooth that needs to fall out and it is really painful. We are two weeks into the antibiotics/anti inflamms/pain meds. It has helped a great deal with her mouth. The glands have gone down significantly and her breath is MUCH better. Her neurologist wanted her to complete the meds before we do the MRI. So we are looking at the first week in March to get it done.

Background information on PJ:

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PJ was found through a craigslist ad and needed someone who could take care of her special needs. Currently she is with Michelle Canzano in Washington State, and is currently undergoing vet care. PJ is having seizure like episodes and she is hypertensive to noise and sometimes to normal movement. She is also having episodes of nystagmus. Rapid eye movement, which is an indication of something going on with her brain.

The bills are piling up so if you can help with the costs for PJ, any amount no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated.

Update from Michelle Micklewright Canzano Update on PJ's Neurological appointment today.

Hi Ladies. I have good and "bad" news. Good news, PJ has gained back the weight she was before xmas and then some. Also Dr. Saunders does not feel she is having true seizures. He feels they are vestibular events. The "bad" news, we really don't have a diagnosis. Top of his list is moderate/severe CH. At first he thought we were talking about Congestive Heart Failure. We had a good laugh. He is concerned about the nystagmus and the vestibular events as those aren't typical with CH. Her sight concerns he does contribute to CH as there is a sight component in the cerebellum. So the differential diagnoses are cerebellar abiotrophy, degeneration, hypoplasia/dysplasia, syringomyelia, meningitis/myelitis, hypoxia, trauma and vascular abnormalities or storage disease.

Ultimately the best diagnostic test is the MRI/and possible CSF analysis (roughly $1700). We could also do antibiotics/anti-inflammatory meds to see if there is improvement on them. The other option is time. If she stays static or improves then there is much less concern of some degenerative issue.

The biggest thing he said that can be done for her is continue the good nutrition and to encourage her to move around (of course all I want to do is hold her, Bad "Foster" Mom!).

Hugs from me and PJ to all of you.


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